Small Business Start-Up

When COVID19 was just hitting and Uganda was under a very restricting lockdown, several generous donors sent funds specifically for COVID19 Relief. We have used some of those funds to provide food supplements to the families of our boys’ who stay off-site. The gifts of rice, posho (corn flour that is a staple in the … Continue reading Small Business Start-Up

COVID19 in Uganda

The COVID19 Pandemic is truly global, with so many lasting impacts. Here in Uganda, we have been in a state of lockdown since late March. Thankfully, while watching what was happening around the world, we anticipated some restrictions were on their way before anything was announced.  So The Shepherd Center started to make preparations before … Continue reading COVID19 in Uganda

Christmas Party 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from The Shepherd Center! A special thanks to all who made donations towards our Christmas party with the boys and their families, and the gifts for each of our boys at TSC.  Without your contributions, we wouldn’t have been able to give them a special holiday! God bless you … Continue reading Christmas Party 2019

Generous Heart

Have you ever earned some unexpected money?  Or won a cash prize for a contest? If you have, what did you use that money for?  If you haven’t, what do you imagine you would choose to do with it? Recently one of our board members visited The Shepherd Center.  Throughout the past year, she has … Continue reading Generous Heart

Tournament Time

  This week marks the start of the 3rd and final term of school for 2019.  But during the last few days of the boys’ break, we put together a soccer tournament for The Shepherd Center. We created teams that included boys of all ages on each team, in attempt to make them fair.  Of … Continue reading Tournament Time