Visiting Day!

Once a term, boarding students have a Visiting Day.  With boys at different schools, we had some busy Saturdays recently, as we tried to visit all of our boys on their designated day. Before some staff members headed out, we decided to invite some of the boys along with us.  It was good for the … Continue reading Visiting Day!

Back To School

While many of TSC’s friends have children back in school for a new year, our boys here in Uganda have recently gone back to school for the start of their third and final term of the year. This term usually feels the shortest, yet the most important to Ugandan students. Teachers are busy finishing the … Continue reading Back To School

Celebrating with a Graduate

Education looks a little different all over the world, but some similar threads run through it all.  We all recognize that with education comes increased opportunities.  And when people we love achieve goals in their education, we like to celebrate with them. One of our big goals at The Shepherd Center is to provide education … Continue reading Celebrating with a Graduate

It Takes a Village

You’ve heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in Uganda that is certainly a common mentality. And it is a definite reality with The Shepherd Center. In fact, we are a part of the village taking in these boys, coming alongside their families, finding a way to bring them into adulthood … Continue reading It Takes a Village

We are Many, We are One

When Patrick (TSC’s Director) was just a teenager working in a restaurant, God set up a divine appointment to meet a woman from Germany. Heidrun and Patrick developed a friendship that has been sustained over the years, despite the vast distance between them. In March, The Shepherd Center was blessed to also become friends with … Continue reading We are Many, We are One