It Takes a Village

You’ve heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in Uganda that is certainly a common mentality. And it is a definite reality with The Shepherd Center. In fact, we are a part of the village taking in these boys, coming alongside their families, finding a way to bring them into adulthood … Continue reading It Takes a Village

We are Many, We are One

When Patrick (TSC’s Director) was just a teenager working in a restaurant, God set up a divine appointment to meet a woman from Germany. Heidrun and Patrick developed a friendship that has been sustained over the years, despite the vast distance between them. In March, The Shepherd Center was blessed to also become friends with … Continue reading We are Many, We are One

New School Year

Here in Uganda, the new school year started in the beginning of February. At The Shepherd Center we have been busy buying and distributing school supplies, replacing old uniforms, looking for new black shoes, and much more. Some boys who had spent the long holiday with their families have come back to live on campus at … Continue reading New School Year

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Scrolling through Facebook, the posts of children of all ages posing with their fathers are saturating my newsfeed.   I read several sentiments from my friends, commenting that they hope their sons grow up to be just like their dads. Immediately I thought about our boys at The Shepherd Center. One … Continue reading Father’s Day