Boys Will Be Boys

Dirt. Climbing Trees. Toy Guns. Race Cars. I’ve come to realize that these things are universally of interest to boys.  Of all ages, really. The Shepherd Center boys here in Uganda are no exception. From the rumbling around town, it would be impossible not to notice that we had several race cars in Kabale for … Continue reading Boys Will Be Boys

Go Cubs Go!

Hey Cub fans, what do you say? Want to help this young man? The last days of January this year was a big transition for him: He went from living on the streets of Kabale town to having a home at The Shepherd Center. Sponsoring Elvis at $50/month will help us cover his school fees, … Continue reading Go Cubs Go!

School Has Started

We have passed through one of the busiest weeks at The Shepherd Center: The First Week of School! Expenses are high, as well as excitement! For our new boys, this is the return to school after years without attending.  Some have never been to school before this year. This is yet another reason why we … Continue reading School Has Started

Grand Re-Opening

January 29th was a big day at The Shepherd Center. We had two USA Board members visiting, both of whom preached in our community church’s two services. During the second service, we celebrated with a special Thanksgiving.  Here in Uganda, it is common for people to give thanksgiving offerings to God as a way to thank … Continue reading Grand Re-Opening

A Whirlwind of Work

With a grand opening the last Sunday of January, and a major push in fundraising to finish the house on time in the same month, The Shepherd Center has been a busy construction zone! In the last week, a large crew of hardworking men did a ton of work. Plumbing, flooring, plastering, painting, and so … Continue reading A Whirlwind of Work